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Ursula Sabisch, Am Ährenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

To the heads of state

Russia and China

Please forward as a CC  list to all peoples and government formations worldwide!

Please let this document be translated in your native language and be handed over to the corresponding people.


Germany, Lübeck, July 11, 2020


Are we still in kindergarten here?


Dear Sir or Madam of All Government Formations, Dear Readers!

Have you remained small and stupid children or why are you fighting your years of conflict at the expense of the Syrians and especially at the expense of the Syrian children?

Why can't the "audience of this endless tragedy" deal with the truth?

Does my person have to publicly put you on the pot as current "heads of state"?

Please read yourself to get better as Russians and Chinese very quickly!

See for example here:

Please let these valuable documents from the various homepages of my person be translated truthfully and colloquially into your respective national language by commissioning several interpreters independently of one another in this regard!

You too are just very simple, mortal people and not superhumans and will be assigned your respective place according to your deeds and** omissions after your life, as well as everyone else; please note this for a possible future!

My person also wishes to be able to visit your country and your large population.

This will probably happen in advance via high-tech and in retrospect whether with or without a CORONA pandemic, personally, whereby special meeting points in special buildings with some special groups of people and their family members are needed in the matter and commission!

Get yourself and people like you into the world community as quickly as possible and please do not confuse your actual status again!

Please also immediately ensure that two vital basic requirements of my person are fulfilled, which you can also find on my various websites.

It would be desirable, of course, that every currently ill would-be worldwide be set on the jerry or beaten to pieces by the invisible Cudgel of my person, should no obedience be done in the matter, which obviously not as jet can be made possible!

Best regards

Ursula Sabisch

** 12.07.2020

PS .: In the hometown of my person enough half animals have been sneaking around me personally for years and some of them for decades.

Some of them, which were mentioned in one of the pages, should have been put on a plane long ago that flies to Syria, Russia and Turkey and forced to testify on the matter!

Unfortunately, almost every so-called citizen of Luebeck is too sick, too sneaky or too cowardly to act and simply has i. a. rather leave the children in Syria to their fate!

Please take your seats that you belong toand do not block the "highly dangerous" matter!

Excerpt from the Internet

UN SECURITY COUNCIL Germany and Belgium want to save aid to Syria

As of July 11, 2020, 12:27 p.m.

The aid program for Syria ended at night. Russia and China prevented an extension with their veto in the UN Security Council. Germany and Belgium are working on a compromise.

A Syrian soldier directs a truck with relief supplies towards the Duma district in the contested East Ghuta area. So far, relief supplies have come to Syria via several border crossings. 

There is a new initiative in the UN Security Council to continue delivering cross-border aid to the Syrian population. After the failure of a corresponding resolution on Saturday night, Germany and Belgium still want to save the aid program with a new draft resolution. The German UN ambassador Christoph Heusgen said that they were ready to "work around the clock". The German-Belgian paper is expected to be put to the vote at the weekend.